Hardwood flooring provides beauty and durability

Hardwood is every bit as tough and durable as the name suggests. It can take everything that active families subject it to day-after-day and still look great for decades. Today’s hardwood, which can be had in a very-complete selection of colors and styles, is bright and beautiful to look at and provides long useable life. Hardwood floors will actually last for a lifetime or more; they can still be found in good condition in homes that were constructed more than 100 years ago. Although hardwood is not inexpensive initially, it will prove to be quite cost effective over time, since you only need to install it once. However, when it eventually does lose some of its original shine, it can be inexpensively refinished to restore its good looks and last for many more decades.

Attributes of hardwood

Hardwood flooring will also keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter thanks to its insulating qualities. Therefore, you can count on seeing a meaningful reduction in your energy bills after it has been installed in your home.

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Protect against allergens and bacteria with hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is also beneficial in safeguarding your family’s health. Dust, pollen and pet dander will be collect in flooring such as carpet, but will never do so in hardwood, because it’s hard surface that will never trap and secure dirt and dust. Hardwood flooring will also provide your family members with protection against allergens and bacteria, which can be important if family members have allergies or asthma.

Beautiful flooring with simple maintainance

Easy regular maintenance is another benefit provided by hardwood flooring too. You’ll only need a dry mop, a broom, or a vacuum to keep it clean. Bougainville Flooring Super Store carries a very complete selection of hardwood flooring materials from major flooring product manufacturers. These include: US Floors, Mohawk, Shaw Hardwoods, and Cali Bamboo—and others. This nearly unlimited selection ensures homeowners that they will locate a hardwood flooring material that will complement their interior design style at an affordable price. We invite homeowners Pearl City, Waipahu, Mililani, Aiea, Kapolei, Ewa Beach and other nearby communities to visit our showroom in Honolulu where they can view samples of each manufacturer’s hardwood offerings.

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