Hardwood flooring FAQ


Hardwood flooring FAQs

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for many homeowners, offering durability, stunning visuals, and a superior lifespan. But there are many questions involving this highly sought-after floor covering. We want to take a moment to address some of those questions, along with their answers, here for you today.

Is site-finished wood better than prefinished materials?

Site-finished wood comes to your home raw and will need to be sanded, stained, sealed, and finished on-site in your home. This option gives you extensive options for stain color and specific finish types, making it more desirable for many homeowners. Prefinished materials can be a better choice if you need the fastest installation possible, as none of the finishing work is done after installation.

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Will my wood floors fade over time?

Hardwood does change over time, and you might notice some color change based on the species you choose and how much sun exposure the wood receives over time. Some changes can be rectified with refinishing when the time comes. However, to ensure fading, be sure to move furniture around or choose unique window treatments that can keep sun exposure to a minimum.

Is wood flooring a pet-friendly choice?

It can be if you plan accordingly. Area rugs and runners placed in the areas where your pets are free to roam can be a great way to protect your new floors and keep your pet's nails trimmed. You could also opt for engineered wood flooring, which comes with a wear layer that helps protect against scratches, scuffs, and dings typical in most homes.
Hardwood flooring FAQ in Kapolei, HI from Bougainville Flooring Super Store

How does hardwood refinishing work?

The refinishing process starts by sanding away decades of wear and abuse, taking the flooring down to a fresh layer of natural wood. At this point, a new stain, sealant, and finish are applied, and you can either go with the ones you had to begin with or choose something entirely new. Once the refinishing process is finished, you should be protected for another few decades before needing to refinish again.

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