What are my format options with luxury vinyl flooring?

What are my format options with luxury vinyl flooring?

What could make a manufactured flooring product look like the real thing? When it's cut into long planks called luxury vinyl plank or square tile-sized pieces (LVT), that’s when!

The planks mimic hardwood, while the squares are used mainly for stone or tile. People tell us constantly that the extra seams add even more to the realism.

How are plank and tile different?

If you've ever wanted a wood look in the hot, steamy, and wet bathroom, LVP is for you. The material is cut into strips and mounted to look like floorboards.

If you want the look of marble, travertine, and other stones, the squares (LVT) are for you. You're not limited to how to use them; you can use plank for stone looks, for example.

Great value for the decorating dollar

Both luxury vinyl tile and plank are forms of luxury version vinyl flooring. This product answers every need under the sun!

1. Style. This vinyl looks as good in the living room as in the kitchen with digitally produced wood, stone, and tile images.

The floors have depth and dimension with embossing, micro beveling, and textured looks. They also come with a variety of finishes.

2. Affordability. It's premium, yet budget-friendly.

3. Durability. A top transparent melamine wear layer guards the floor against scratches and scuffs. It is considered a highly kid-and-pet-friendly flooring.

4. Low maintenance. Whether you choose LVP or LVT, all it needs is regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

5. Uncomplicated installation. They can be installed as floating floors where the pieces click to lock and then hover over the subfloor.

We’ll help you transform your home with luxury vinyl flooring

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