Luxury vinyl for your Honolulu, HI floors from Bougainville Flooring Superstore

Luxury vinyl FAQ: Your questions, our answers

Are there ever myths and misconceptions around luxury vinyl. That's most likely because many just can't get past those highly functional, but designed economy flooring of years past.

So, let's clear up the confusion.

Style for your home

When the flooring retailer shows you all the samples, you'll be amazed. These vinyl floors have the look of luxury, with a realistic simulation of authentic wood, stone slabs, and tiles.

You can get it in sheet, planks, or tiles. Since Hawaii is such a water-driven area, the wood-look comes in so many species and colors that you can create the cottage or California-beach atmosphere.

Tiles do have vibrant colors and patterns, so you can add pops of color or combine them to create a special design.

Other things you should know

•It differs from standard vinyl in that it's thicker and more waterproof. You can even get it with different cores that give more and more levels of water protection.
•It is durable enough for homes with kids and pets.
•It's easy to install. With few exceptions, it can be placed over most existing subfloors. The pieces either click together or can be glued.
•Comfort. It's also softer and more flexible than other hard surfaces, so you can stand on it for long periods, such as when you're in the kitchen preparing holiday dinners.

For more information, come into the Bougainville Flooring Superstore showroom. Be sure to ask about our estimates.